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What is EROS Therapy?

FDA-approved Eros Therapy is a small, hand-held device fitted with a removable, replaceable small plastic CAREss cup used to improve blood flow to the clitoris and genitalia. Eros Therapy is a conditioning routine to restore blood flow to your clitoris and genitalia and to increase orgasims, vaginal lubrication and your overall sexual satisfaction. Eros Therapy is available by prescription only.

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How does it work?

By gently stimulating blood flow, the clitoris becomes engorged, causing the arteries to expand, which then places pressure on the nerves and causes sensation in the clitoris. The arterial walls in the vagina dilate and the smooth muscle in the clitoris relaxes, causing an autonomic reflex that results in an increase in lubrication and an increased ability to achieve orgasm.

What are the benefits of EROS Therapy?

eros-graphThe benefits of Eros Therapy include:

In one clinical trial, 90% of women with FSD reported an increase in sensation and 80% reported increased sexual satisfaction.

Unlike vibrators, which work short-term to achieve immediate sensation without increasing lubrication, Eros works long-term, improves sensation and improves lubrication.

Is EROS Therapy safe?

There are no known side effects when used as directed. It is important to note the following precautions:

Use the lowest setting necessary to achieve engorgement (blood flow) and should stop using the device if continued pain occurs.

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The NuGyn™ Eros Therapy device is the only available, clinically proven product cleared by the FDA for women who suffer from FSD of an organic nature, specifically arousal and orgasmic disorders.

Clinical studies have proven that Eros Therapy is safe and effective. There are no reported side effects when the Eros Therapy device is used as directed. Visit our clinical studies page to find out more.

It is important to use the Eros as described in the instruction manual that comes with the product.

Eros Therapy comes with a 30-day guarantee.  NuGyn MUST be contacted before the return of any device.

What should I do now?

Make an appointment with your gynecologist or other healthcare provider. Take our quiz, print a copy and take it to your doctor’s appointment with you. Use the quiz to facilitate your discussion with your doctor about your sexual concerns.

Rediscover control over your sexual response

You are not alone. Join other women and learn more about this condition. Take our quiz.

Eros Therapy: A desirable solution.

Eros Therapy is a device that provides a natural way to recondition your sexual response. It was cleared by the FDA in April 2000 to treat sexual arousal and orgasmic disorders. Since then, thousands of women have experienced the benefits of Eros Therapy that include: increased lubrication, clitoral sensation, ability to achieve an orgasm, and overall improvement in sexual satisfaction.

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