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Eros Therapy Device

Eros Therapy Device

Price: $249.00

U.S. Residents: The Eros Therapy device is available by prescription only. To order the device, simply (1) place an order via our website and (2) scan your prescription and email it to us at: Please note, your order will not be considered complete until we have received a copy of your prescription.

Non-U.S. Residents: Eros Therapy (also called Vivant outside the United States) is available without a prescription.

What is Eros Therapy?

FDA-cleared Eros Therapy is a small, hand-held device fitted with a removable, replaceable small plastic CAREss cup used to improve blood flow to the clitoris and genitalia. Eros Therapy is a conditioning routine to restore blood flow to your clitoris and genitalia and to increase orgasims, vaginal lubrication and your overall sexual satisfaction.

Includes: one (1) Eros Therapy device, two (2) CAREss cups, one (1) extension tubing, two (2) AAA batteries, a satin pouch for storage and instructions for use.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact our CustomerCARE representives toll-free at 1-877-774-1442.  You will most likely be connected to either Curt or Erika.

Eros Therapy side view of Intensity Control dial and Vibration Port

Eros Therapy side view of Intensity Control dial and Vibration Port


Note: If you are ordering online, once you add Eros Therapy to your cart, then click on "Checkout" from the menu.




Rediscover control over your sexual response

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Eros Therapy: A desirable solution.

Eros Therapy is a device that provides a natural way to recondition your sexual response. It was cleared by the FDA in April 2000 to treat sexual arousal and orgasmic disorders. Since then, thousands of women have experienced the benefits of Eros Therapy that include: increased lubrication, clitoral sensation, ability to achieve an orgasm, and overall improvement in sexual satisfaction.

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