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Do you feel like you:

What may be causing the problem?

These issues can be caused by a lack of blood circulation to the clitoris and genital area and may be related to medical conditions such as:

The Eros Therapy device is clinically proven and prescribed for women with arousal and orgasmic problems.


of women experience difficulty with sexual response at some point in their lives

If your sexual concerns are causing you personal distress, fill out our questionnaire for patients and bring it with you to your next doctor’s appointment.

Eros Therapy may be right for you if you experience any of these symptoms:

How can you start the conversation?

Seeking help is a positive step. Some tips to start a conversation with your physician, include statements such as:

To talk about specific symptoms, you may find it helpful to use the questionnaire.

Rediscover control over your sexual response

You are not alone. Join other women and learn more about this condition. Take our quiz.

Eros Therapy: A desirable solution.

Eros Therapy is a device that provides a natural way to recondition your sexual response. It was cleared by the FDA in April 2000 to treat sexual arousal and orgasmic disorders. Since then, thousands of women have experienced the benefits of Eros Therapy that include: increased lubrication, clitoral sensation, ability to achieve an orgasm, and overall improvement in sexual satisfaction.

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